Joshua (osagej4) wrote in kusina_namin,


Hello everyone, Happy Holidays and such -

I'm making Ginataan for a party on Saturday, and I have made it once before, to semi-disastruous results. So I need some help ASAP.

Last time I made it, the sago frikkin dissolved in the coconut milk, it must have been inferior..., and I ended up having to put more (the bottled in syrup kind), which turned out undercooked and a little tough to chew, and the rice balls were a bit overcooked and fell apart when one put it in the mouth.

I am also using Saba (the big bananas), Kamote (yam or sweet potato?), and Taro. And Coconut Milk.

I've tried looking for recipes online but they all require more or different ingredients that I'm not using.

Finally, I used some of the syrup from the bottled sago because it is sweet, right?? But I think it made the whole thing super acidic because it really hurt my throat trying to eat it afterwards. Is that something where I can just use white sugar?

Help! Pleeeease...
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